The Color Studies comprise a body of work that explores a relationship between color and sound. While there is no literal aural equivalent of a color or chromatic equivalent of a sound (not to be confused with the term chromatic with reference to chromatic scale music in music theory), I am interested in what a color might sound like.

The images used in the animation below come from one of my sketchbooks and are used to create an abstract landscape and functioned as the inspiration for my Session Drawing series.  The color of the images corresponds to the sound generated which, in turn, is generated by taking the colors frequency in the terahertz range (THz) and generating the sound in a range that we can actually hear (The colors in the visible spectrum have a frequency interval that ranges between ~ 430–750 THz, well beyond the range of human hearing—which is approximately 20-20,000 Hz). To widen the range a bit, I doubled and halved the frequency number so as to expand the frequency range into 8 octaves (when going beyond 8 octaves, the variations of sound between tones becomes difficult to discern).

The sound for R.O.G.B., Violet, and Untitled (6 Color Study) where all made within a 10 octave range.

Untitled, 2012, 1:00, sound (headphones recommended)

R.O.G.B. (Red, Orange, Green, & Blue), 2012, 4:00, sound (headphones recommended)

Violet, 2012, 1:59, sound (headphones recommended)

Untitled (6 Color Study), 2012, 11:49, sound (headphones recommended)

hinterlang Color Studies, Video & Animation