My studio practice integrates drawing, animation, and sound. Digital media, with its innately pluralistic character, has enabled corollaries between once seemingly disparate areas. I often describe it as having revealed a threshold space where, upon entry, mediums such as drawing and video installation can be unified, creating something new. My work is an exploration of the idea that an image can assume multiple identities and states. Both in opening opportunities for different iterations of a source image as well as what happens when the machine influences the hand moving a pen across a surface.


I spend a lot of time considering the different modalities of drawing and a myriad of approaches. I describe the animated work as kinetic images, drawing a distinction between what is happening in this work versus work in the linear, narrative works that are often associated with the medium. They are objects of contemplation that have neither a beginning nor an end. Instead, the pieces continuously change and evolve into new versions of themselves. The drawings on paper are meditations. They are about the physicality of drawing and an attempt to discover new forms through a machine-like execution.


When sitting down to work, I am always thinking about something that I’ve encountered in the natural world, new scientific discoveries that I’ve read about, or the hours I’ve spent looking out of airplane windows, watching as changes in the landscape slowly unfold miles below on the surface. Ultimately, what I do is a reflection of the sense of wonder that I experience in the world. I am in awe of change and the ephemerality that belies the experience of the seeming permanence of the world as we see it.